Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Raymond and Roxy: Looking Good at 20

Raymond likes to do things fast, but today he is moving in slow motion.  Is he sick?  No.  It’s his birthday, and he wants his special day to last.  Ready? Set. Birthday! is just out (September 20, 2022), and I can’t help but share my joy.

Random House Children’s Books is publishing three new Step into Reading titles starring Raymond and Roxy who first appeared in my 2002 book Ready? Set. Raymond! (still in print).  The icing on his birthday cake is that Derek Anderson, who brought our speedy little boy and his best friend to life 20 years ago, is back as illustrator.

Many, many thanks to Derek, my agent Tracey Adams, my editor Heidi Kilgras, and everyone at Random House for their parts in making this happen.  Watch for Ready? Set. Ride! in Summer 2023, and Ready? Set. Puppies! in Spring 2024.  We hope Raymond runs right into your hearts.